Tech Rider


-3x Vocal Mics Across The Front

-1x Lead Vocal with Reverb

-2x Backing Vocals with Reverb

Drum Kit

-Kick Drum

-Snare Drum

-2x Rack Toms

-1x Floor Tom

-1x Hi-Hat, 1x Crash & 1x Ride Symbol

Amplifiers & Pedal Boards

-2x Electric "Rhythm Guitar" Amp & Pedal Board

1x Electric "Lead Guitar" Amp & Pedal Board

1x Bass Guitar Amp & Effect Pedal

Acoustics & Keys

-2x Acoustic Guitars 

-1x Keyboard 

-2x D.I. Boxes with Jack Inputs


Position 1                         Lead Guitar.


Position 2                       Rhythm Guitar, Mandolin & Keyboard. (Switches Throughout Set).


Position 3                       Rhythm Guitars (Switches from Acoustic To Electric Throughout Set).


Position 4                         Bass Guitar.


Position 5                         Drum kit. 

In Ear Monitors 

- 3x - t.bone IEM 100 - 863 Mhz
With wireless packs connected.


Stage Set Up